Clubs and Activities

Clubs at Stem Prep

Art Club 
Starts Wednesday August 31st
Meets Wednesdays

Room Number: B001
In art club, students will be given the opportunity to express themselves visually in a wide variety of mediums. Students will work to refine and cultivate unique visual styles while adding new skills to their repertoire.

Tabletop Club 
​Starts Tuesday, August 30th
Meets Tuesdays
​Room Number: B001
Love boardgames and tabletop gaming? Then come to tabletop club! We will play a wide variety of different tabletop games, from classics like chess to modern favorites like Machi Koro and Bananagrams! Students will even have the opportunity to brainstorm and design their own games! Bring your own games, or tryout the provided ones, we will have everything from X-Wing Miniatures to Magic Cards!

Starts Tuesday September 6th
Meets Mondays and Tuesdays
Room Number: B006
Description: In yearbook club students will work as a team to create the 2016 - 2017 MSCP yearbook. Students will learn how to use computer software as well as how to take pictures. Students will attend and document all school-wide events as well as stay after school twice a week to complete the yearbook. Students must complete the application to be admitted into yearbook club. Maximum number of members is 25

Anime Club 
Starts Thursday September 8th
Meets Wednesdays and Thursdays
Room Number: B006
ANIME CLUB! Do you like Anime or Magna? Then Anime Club is the club for you. In Anime Club, we will watch, read, or draw all of your favorite anime and manga. Students will be able to watch or read in large, small, or individual groups. Do you have a favorite anime you want everyone to watch? Voice your opinion when we take a group vote on what anime we will be watching for the day! Come join, EVERYONE is welcomed!

League of Legends Club 
Starts Monday September 12th
Meets Mondays
​Room Number: B002
League of Legends is similar to chess in some categories. League of Legends is based on how well you work with others and how well you are able to strategize your situation correctly. The main goal of the game is to successfully take down the enemy's Nexus ( base) and be able to protect your base from the enemy.

​Ping Pong Ball Club 
​Starts Wednesday September 7th
​Meets Wednesdays
​Room Number 101
Description: Begin to understand the fundamentals of this challenging game and learn how your game can win

​Drama/Improv Club
​Starts Thursday September 1st
​Meets Monday and Thursday
​Room Number 308
Description:Come one, come all! Students will explore improvisation skills and introductory technical stage and acting skills. They will learn many improvisation games, acting techniques, and near the end of the semester, put together a competative improv team and performance. All are welcome, even with no experience. 

Gardening Club
Starts Thursday September 8th
​Meets Monday and Thursday
​Room Number Outside
Description: Do you want to be able to grow your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs, even on your own patio?  Learn how in Gardening Club. We will also explore succulents and other drought-resistant plants and flowers.  We will experiment with a variety of plants and growing methods, create a gardening space at school and maintain it together throughout the year.  

Fitness/Weight Training
​Starts TBD
​Meets Monday and Thursday
​Room Number Outside
​Description: Have you ever wondered what your best looks like? What your best capabilites are? Well this is your chance to find out! Join the Fitness/Weight Training Club to push yourself to be where you have always seen yourself. Work alongside fellow classmates who have the same goals as you. Anyone is welcome!

The Shark Attacks
Starts Tuesday August 30th
Meets Tuesday and Thursday
Room Number TBD
Description: Come be a part of MSCP's official rock band! The Shark Attacks perform a wide range of rock songs at various school events. The Shark Attacks have performed covers of songs by Linkin Park and The White Stripes, along with hits like "Eye of the Tiger" and "If Everyone Cared." We rehearse Tuesdays and Thursdays, and we will have at least 2-3 major performances each semester. We are looking for singers and musicians. Don't sing or play an instrument? Come and learn! We are also in search of students who will be our "tech crew." They will learn how to set up the sound system, perform sound checks, and adjust audio levels during performances. If you love music, and want to learn more about live performances, come join us!

Math Club
Starts Monday September 5th
Meets every other Monday
Room Number B010
Description: Students can join the math club to get help with mathematics, become peer-tutors, or compete with other schools through the Mu Alpha Theta math society.  

Boxing Club
Starts Tuesday August 30th
Meets Tuesday and Wednesday
Room Number B010
Description: Students can join the Boxing Club to learn basic boxing punching technique, footwork, and conditioning. We will focus on calisthenic workouts and boxing drills. 

Music Production Club
Starts Friday September 2nd
Meets Thursday
Room Number B010
Description: Students can joing the Music Production Club to work on individual or group projects and write and record original music. Equipment will be provided. 

Cosmetology Club 
Starts Wednesday September 7th
Meets Wednesday
Room Number 307
Description: Students will be able to learn and practice the care of hair, skin and nails. For example, we will be learning about different types of skin, make facemasks, apply a variety of makeup, proper ways to take off makeup, nail design, and hairstyles for different types of hair. We are seeking students, both males and females, who have a passion for cosmetology. 

​Fashion Club
​Starts Wednesday August 31st
​Meets Tuesday
​Room Number 212
Description: Students in Fashion Club will be exposed to sewing techniques and will design clothing collections. We are seeking students that are leaders, creative and innovators. Most importantly that are dedicated and interested in the art of Fashion!

​Student Government
​Meets Monday and Thursday
Room Number 103

Gamers Club
Starts TBD
Meets Friday
Room Number TBD
Description: Students will have the opportunity to enjoy playing strategic online video games, console games, board games, as well as engage in competitive tournaments.

Cooking Club
Starts TBD
Meets Friday
Room Number 104A
Description: Students will be learning the fundamentals of cooking such as; cutting/chopping (safely), measuemrents, boiling properly, basic cooking such as; cooking an egg and properly cooking/grilling meat. Second semester will focus more on 

Green Club
Starts Monday September 12th
Meets Monday
Room Number 302
Description: Students will be coordinating recycling drives to benefit student government.  Students will engage in community service opportunities around their home and school communities as well as brainstorm ideas to be more environmentally conscious both at home and at school.

Starts TBD
Meets TBD
Room Number outside
Description: Students will have the opportunity to engage in recreational dance/cheer. Students will be able to participate in the YPI Dance, Drill, and Cheer competition in May; participate and perform in other competitions throughout the year, and perform during school assemblies.

Starts Thursday September 1st
Meets Wednesday and Friday
Room Number 207
Description: Students will be able learn different settings of a camera, adjustments of camera features for photography; use of Adobe Photoshop and editing of pictures. Students will be able to express themselves through pictures, engage in bi-weekly walking field trips to locations based around the current photography lesson being covered.

Coding Club
Starts Wednesday September 7th
Meets Wednesday
Room Number 104
Description: Learn to code your own programs in Javascript, play coding based games, program robots, and write your own apps. This club will also have access to 3D modeling and the 3D Printer. Come by for your weekly technology fix!

Girls Coding Club
Starts Monday September 19th
Meets Monday or Wednesday
Room Number 105
Description: Learn to code through visual arts with DIY Girls! Manipulate shapes, color, and sound to create your own interactive artwork! Learn about virtual reality and attend a field trip about technology!

MSW Club
Starts TBD
Meets Tuesday
Room Number outside
Description: Pursuing the martial arts for character development, healthy lifestyle decisions, appreciation for the arts, and self empowerment through self defense. Course teaches a wide variety of activities ranging from body stretching & conditioning, moderate to intense physical exercise, practicing forms, kicks, and occasionally weapons training. Overall goal for the club is to educate, all those who attend, the rich philosophy and positivie lifestyle that all martial arts has to offer.